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Industrial Mechanical Division

When we founded Hutson & Sons Boiler & Welding, Inc. in 1978, we specialized in a few areas: boiler and pressure vessel repair, welding services, and mechanical piping. Over the years, we have added many capabilities to our service catalog.

Hutson Industrial Services now offers a full range of piping services, both onsite or fabricated in our facility; maintenance services; and equipment services.

So, whether you are scheduling work beforehand for routine service, or you have an emergency and are needing help right away, reach out to us today to see how our Industrial Mechanical Division can meet all of your industrial mechanical needs.

Justin Hutson – Mechanical & QA|QC Manager

Evan Hutson – VP of Operations & Sales

Below is a list of services and capabilities that our Industrial Mechanical Division can offer you:

    – Certified Welding Services
    – SMAW (Stick) Welding
    – GTAW(TIG) Welding
    – Stainless Sanitary Process Piping
    – Mechanical Piping
    – Steam Piping
    – Condensate Piping
    – Chilled Water Piping
    – Hydraulic Piping
    – Natural Gas Piping
    – Oil Piping
    – Propane Gas Piping
    – Welded Piping
    – Threaded Piping
    – Grooved Piping
    – Stainless Piping
    – Copper
    – PVC
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equipment room
    – Steam System Survey
    – Mechanical System Troubleshooting and Analysis
    – Preventative Maintenance
    – Service Agreement Contracts
    – Planned and Emergency Service
    – Boiler Cleaning
    – Mechanical and Chemical Cleaning of Boilers
    – Hydrostatic Testing of Boilers and Pressure Vessels
    – Equipment Replacement
    – Equipment Retrofitting
    – Equipment Installation
    – Tank Fabrication, Repair, and Replacement
    – Pump Repair and Replacement
    – Valve Repair and Replacement
    – Stack and Breeching Fabrication, Repair, and Replacement
    – Refractory Repair and Replacement
    – Sheet Metal Fabrication and Repair

Affiliations and Memberships

Industries We
Proudly Serve:

Healthcare Facilities; Government Facilities; Educational Facilities; Pharmaceutical Facilities; Manufacturing Facilities; Processing Facilities, Asphalt and Concrete Production Facilities; Fuel, Biofuel, and Oil Facilities; Brewery and Distillery Facilities; Food and Beverage Facilities; Meat and Dairy Facilities; Bakery and Confectionary Facilities; Laundry and Sanitation Facilities; Water Treatment and Wastewater Facilities; Commercial Facilities; Industrial Facilities; and many more…

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Hutson Industrial Services has numerous capabilities and we offer solutions that are applicable to practically any market. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries at: or you can call us at (317) 783-0953.

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