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Jack L. Hutson, Hutson and Son's Founder, sitting at a desk

Jack’s Vision & Legacy

Company founder John L. Hutson, Sr. had a vision of a strong family-owned business. His vision for the Company started at a much earlier time, when John, known as “Jack” by family and friends, was employed by his father George Hutson in a small, family-owned tank fabrication company, located on the southside of Indianapolis. After working in the boiler and pressure vessel repair industry for over 26 years, Jack along with his wife Patricia and their youngest son Christopher, started their company on March 15th, 1978, from the kitchen of their home located on Epler Avenue in Indianapolis, IN.

Originally the company was founded as Jack Hutson & Sons Boiler & Welding Company, but after incorporation in September of 1978, Jack decided to drop his first name from the company’s name and Hutson & Sons Boiler & Welding, Inc. was born. The foundational beliefs of loving The Lord, Faith, Family, and Friendship were always Jack’s highest priorities, as well as customer satisfaction. Specializing in full-service boiler and pressure vessel repair, Hutson & Sons set out to grow into a highly respected company in the industry, by always trying to serve the customer with integrity and character.

The Company’s original shop was located behind Pat and Jack’s home on Epler Avenue in a 30’ x 50’ building that was built by Jack, his family, and friends in the mid 1970’s. In 1981, Hutson & Sons had outgrown their facility and relocated to its present location at 5 W. Epler an existing building that was built in three phases: 1929, 1953, and 1970.

In 2000, Jack along with his son Chris, had a new steel structure built over the old building. Upon completion of the new 7100 square foot steel building, the old building inside was removed.

After Jack’s passing in November of 2006, Chris took over as President. Then with the passing of Pat in 2010, Chris along with his wife Stephanie became owners of Hutson & Sons and they continue to operate the company with the same vision and direction set forth by Pat and Jack. “Honor, Character, and Integrity” was Jack’s life philosophy and he lived it. He famously would say, “Our name is all we have in this life and we must continually work hard to preserve it.” Following in his footsteps, and working with Chris and Stephanie, are their three sons: Evan, Justin, and Logan. This makes Hutson & Sons a 3rd Generation, family-owned, and operated business and leaves the company in good hands for years to come.

Jack L. Hutson

A New Era Begins

Over the years at Hutson & Sons, we have added more services and capabilities to our organization:

In 1991, we added a Service Division offering a complete burner service, to include start-up services, combustion analysis, efficiency testing, and more.

Since 2011, Hutson & Sons has been a proud partner of Ware, Inc., one of the largest boiler rental companies in the country. This allows us to provide our customers with on-site rental boilers or complete boiler rooms, for either planned or emergency service.

As we continue to grow, and with keeping an eye on future growth, we have decided that we need to better represent and market our company going forward. We are excited to announce we have launched a new company called Hutson Industrial Services (HIS). Going forward, Hutson Industrial Services will be the Parent company and Hutson & Sons will now be a subsidiary of HIS, with all our Pressure Vessel Repairs, Code Welding and Code Piping (NBIC R Stamp Work and ASME PP Stamp Work) being done by Hutson & Sons.

We pride ourselves with our work and our reputation and we are excited to see what the future holds. Please let us know how we can best serve you. Feel free to call us today, or to reach out with any questions that you might have at: info@hutsonandsons.com

Hutson & Sons Family photo
Jack Hutson in 1954 by boiler

Jack in 1954

Jack and Chris Hutson in 1981

Jack & Chris in 1981

Jack, Chris, Evan, & Justin Hutson at shop in 1991

Jack, Chris, Evan, & Justin in 1991

Chris, Evan Justin, & Logan Hutson Family Photo

Chris, Evan Justin, & Logan

Justin, Evan, & Logan Hutson sons

Justin, Evan, & Logan

Affiliations and Memberships

Industries We
Proudly Serve:

Healthcare Facilities; Government Facilities; Educational Facilities; Pharmaceutical Facilities; Manufacturing Facilities; Processing Facilities, Asphalt and Concrete Production Facilities; Fuel, Biofuel, and Oil Facilities; Brewery and Distillery Facilities; Food and Beverage Facilities; Meat and Dairy Facilities; Bakery and Confectionary Facilities; Laundry and Sanitation Facilities; Water Treatment and Wastewater Facilities; Commercial Facilities; Industrial Facilities; and many more…

Don't See Your
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Hutson Industrial Services has numerous capabilities and we offer solutions that are applicable to practically any market. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries at: info@hutsonandsons.com or you can call us at (317) 783-0953.

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